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Customer Reviews and Testimonials

These are the comments from some of the people who chose VRS Auto Salvage Ltd. for their car's solutions.

Daniel Crawford

“Good service and VRS gave more money than other dealers were offering.”

Samuel Reeves

“The car was pretty old and it wasn’t functioning properly. I thought of selling it because it was time to move ahead. VRS Auto bought my car for a pretty decent price, more than scrap value.”

Jim Brandon

“My wife had an accident a couple of week ago. She revived but the car was completely out of order. Repairing it was a no-no situation because of bad handling and poor condition. Also it was totally wrecked. VRS Auto Salvage offered me the best deal I could ever get for that piece of junk.”

Nicole Andreas

“My car had an MOT failure. Still they bought it at a nice price. Good people”

Dennis Alderson

“On time and extremely nice guy came to my home.I am writing this, in hope that others will use the service rather than dumping. Let’s face it, what a great one it is. No more old bangers on the street any more.”

Tyler Gilbert

“I had a car which was up and running. But I was tired of using it. I wanted something modern. I visited this website and found VRSAutoSalvage’s services were much better than other car dealers. They offered me a great deal for my old buddy.”

Nasir Ahmad

“My van was having problems. I searched over the internet. I found this company repairs vehicles at competitive low prices. I drived my van to their yard and their experts handled it. From then, it is running fine, no problems at all.”

Freddie Nelson

“Great service and really nice staff.. Also the free collection adds to the beauty!”

Eleanor Matthew

“We had a piece of scrap from ages. Thought to get rid of it and get some bucks. Fortunately found VRS Autos – they made my day!”

Billy Jackson

“I got my car parts I was searching all over. I found them. They have parts for more brands than the scrapyards I found earlier.”

Bruce Roberts

“They had just the right solution for my car. I am thankful to the services of VRS auto salvage.”

Emma Richardson

“Got more than the price I needed for a piece of scrap. Free collection and hassle-free process is what we liked the most.”


“Really good, friendly service. Very impressed”

Andrew Bowler

“Got money for my old car and it was hassle free. Cant complain.”


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